A few of the church
gather for prayer
shortly after closing
on the property.



Building and Property News

We are trying to be good stewards of the
beautiful and strategic land which
God, in His providence, has provided.

Another hard day of work on the property...
in August no less!
Thanks to the men... and to Kim!

We even had the Forest Fire Service help out...
To make sure the fire was out! Thanks Jared.


Praise God...
We have added to our beautiful property!

GBC now owns over 5 acres directly on
State Road 52 in Land O' Lakes

In the providence of God we were blessed to be able to purchase the additional acreage to the east of our original land giving us far more usable property for our future building.

We praise God for providing us the means to purchase it.





From across S.R. 52... looking south - west.

A time of celebration.

In recent weeks we have been engaged in clearing and cleaning
of the new land... as well as our first section.
As God provides, we hope to build a modest building dedicated
to the worship of God, and to the study of His Word.

We are in the process of preparing architectural plans for our proposed building with several designs under consideration. One such design is depicted above... and below.

Here are some pictures of the recent work...












Thank you God... What a Great Church!

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Below are some pictures of the land...



Standing in front of our property and looking east,
you can clearly see the Suncoast Parkway.

From east side of the property, in about the middle, looking north
toward S.R. 52 (you can see the back of the sign).

Our property has a creek running through the back part...
we affectionately refer to it as "The River Chebar"
(Ez. 1:1)


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New Renderings of Proposed
Grace Baptist Church building:


























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