"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."
Pro. 9:10




















Pen O' the Pastor

The following are selected articles written by Pastor Hildebrandt
for Grace Baptist Church and usually printed in our weekly bulletin.


He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Matt. 11:15

You know about the book by John Bunyan, “Pilgrim’s Progress,” as we’ve mentioned it a few times in recent months. It’s indeed a classic and one of the best selling books of all time. However, it’s n ot the only work by Bunyan. Another volume from his pen was entitled: “The Holy War.” It pictures a town he called “Mansoul,” which actually represents a man’s soul. Enemies come to attack this town, a nd they come to the main gates… “Eargate” and “Eyegate.” You can figure out what they represent!

Once again, Bunyan was so accurate in picturing how satan and the world attack men. They attack at eargate and eyegate, seeking to pull the souls of men away from the Truth of God. Today, there is so much clamor for men’s at tention. There are hundreds of television stations encompassing every imaginable variety of shows from which to choose. There are almost a limitless number of websites that people can visit for news, information, sports and e ntertainment. Then, we have all types of social media that people are often addicted to. Furthermore, there are many who can’t leave their house without posting it on Facebook and then, while they’re going to wherever they’ re going, their face is constantly glued to a computer that happens to have a telephone app. So, how do we cut through the multitude of distractions to bring them God’s Truth?!

It is the same as it has always been in the Kingdom of God… He is the One who opens men’s ears to hear His Truth. He is the One who causes the “scales” to fall from men’s eyes so that they see His truth. In referring to the text above, He is the One who gives men “ears to hear.” That is why, reaching them… reaching men today, must begin with reaching God on their behalf… that is prayer for their salvation!

Now, with that understood… there are also reasonable ways that we must attempt to reach men… to cut through the distractions and bring them truth! And today, that may best be accomplished by using some of the very things that are causing them to be so distracted. For instance, we have a great website that contains much Historic Truth! We have a Facebook page that lets men know of our activities in standing for Truth. So pray that God will use these modern methods to reach the “eargates” and the “eyegates” of men with Truth in our day and we see many saved to His glory
! Pastor


He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity.” Ps. 9:8b

If you follow the news at all, you know that the main story right now is arguably the 2016 presidential race. It seems that it takes up time in almost every newscast and is found somewhere on the main page of most news websites. What this candida te said at the debate! How that candidate lambasted the other in an interview. How that one broke the law and lied. How that one is waiting in the wings to run. On and on to the delight of the newscasters giving them all something to “report.”

Of course, all the candidates are convinced that they have the right way to lead America and they all have thousands of people convinced that they’re right. “Their guy (or woman) is the one who will take America back!” Their candida te is the only one who has: “the right way to get our economy working again.” “Our guy has the experience or the intelligence!” “Our guy can unify the country!” “Our guy has vision!” And yet, in a few months, most of them wi ll be back to their “day jobs” and be all but forgotten. Even Christians get caught up in this fray. They say: “Our guy is against abortion, he’s against sodomite marriage… he will save America!”

Yes, its likely that one of these dozens of men and women running now, will one day be our next president. And don’t get me wrong, I do believe it matters who we elect. However, America does not need, should not expect and never will have a savior from Washington DC! What America needs, seemingly more than ever, is Thee Savior from Galilee... who gave His life on a cross 2000 years ago! America needs to see itself the way God sees it … a nation to whom He gave men to set the foundations based upon His Word. A nation uniquely blessed by Him in every way. A nation with multitudes of His followers whom He cared for and provided for. And, a nation which has now turned its back on Him, His Word, Hi s laws and His ways. A nation deserving His judgment! No, America doesn’t need another politician… what America needs is another anther Great Awakening! Pray earnestly for that! Pastor



The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom...” Pro. 9:10

You’ve heard the saying: “Ignorance is bliss?” I am convinced that this statement has never been more accurate. On the news and in social media, people are applauding recent Supreme Court rulings and government decisions which further promote and force the depth s of depravity upon our, mostly unsuspecting, nation. Men and women are seen cheering as sodomite marriage was made the law of the land. They celebrate that our government will continue to fund planned parenthood to the tune of a half a billion dollars every year. Many welcome a government that makes rats, plants, tiny fish and phony weather reports more important than our own human society. They celebrate the very things that are destroying our nation.

The most sever tragedy… is the utter ignorance regarding the God of the Bible and His pending judgment for our sin! Recently, knowing of their faith in God, one of our members was asked their opinion by severa l co-workers... regarding a famous man who has been in the news because he now claims to be a woman. This members response was swift and Biblical saying: “that person is shaking his fist in the face of God! God does not make mistakes in His creation of men… they are what He predestined them to be. And, unless he repents and turns from his sin, he will be condemned to hell for all eternity!” To that, we wo uld all say: Amen!” However, many of the office workers said: “No way! God would never do that!” The problem is, they have no clue regarding the God of the Bible. They worship a “made up god” of their own imaginations. It is a though a Just God has become the One who is wrong and a nation of sinning people has become what is right. Sin and ignorance!

This is what we’re up against… this is what we face as we attempt to bring God’s Truth to our land. How can we ever prevail against such ignorance?! We can’t! We must plead with God to open their eyes to who He, to what sin is and then to change their hearts from stone to flesh! I pray He will do so beginning right here! Pastor



May 9th, 2012

Just over one year ago the nation learned that Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. And, according to our liberal news media, it wasn't because of our great military, or because of the policies established years ago to hunt him down, it was “all because of the efforts of President Obama.” O well... whatever they say, the outcome was good. Bin Laden was a wicked, murdering, sinful man! He brought destruction to America and to our way of life! I remember how I wept on 9/11 watching the twin towers fall! The man was responsible for the deaths of thousands of American lives. Airline travel today is a pain in the neck because of him and his wicked followers! I have no regrets that he is now in hell. However, listening to our news media: “Happy days are here again!” As though his death has cured all our ills!

But ask yourself... was it Osama who was responsible for our inconceivable national debt? Did Bin Laden establish the policies in America that have led to all our housing foreclosures? Did he tell the EPA not to allow American oil companies to drill for our own oil and resources to meet America’s energy needs leaving us dependent upon muslim crooks for our oil supplies and causing our gas to cost $4.00 a gallon? Did his leadership cause our economy to be depressed and unemployment to be 10%? Was Osama sitting on the American Supreme Court when they said it is a woman’s “right” to kill her unborn child so we have to legalize abortion, which is responsible for the loss of far more American lives than 9/11 every year?! Did Bin Laden pass legislation in several of our states allowing “same sex marriage” undermining the Biblical family structure? No! He didn't cause any of these things! They have all been brought about by America’s own sin and our governments own stupidity! As tragic and horrible as what Bin Laden has done, I suggest that these sinful policies, and others like them, have done far more to destroy America than what he did!

It is my prayer that as we celebrate Mother’s Day, rather than celebrating the fact that a terrorist is dead, we will celebrate and stand for the Biblical family, created by the wisdom of God. And that we will honor mothers as commanded by God! These are far more important in His eyes than is the killing of a terrorist. Pastor




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