"O magnify the
Lord with me,
and let us exalt
His name together."
Ps. 34:3



Why do people go to church?
What are the priorities for many who say they are Christians?

Here are some likely answers from many in churches today:

  • To be entertained in a "religious" way.
  • To be made to "feel good" or "happy."
  • To have, not just a church building, but a "campus."
  • To be a part of a "Christian" social or support group.
  • To have the children taken care of for an hour or 2 with every possible accommodation for every conceivable age group.
  • To make sure that I get "something" from church.
  • Or, to simply put in their "time" for God each week to atone for their sins or to placate their conscience before God.

You get the idea...

The above are not our what we're about at GBC!
We strive to consider a higher importance:

  • To exalt, honor and glorify God.
  • To gather in worship for what we can bring to God
    rather than for what we can "get from" church or from God.
  • To grow in the grace and knowledge of God's Truth.
  • To learn from His Word how to live godly and holy lives and thus to be better equipped to be light and salt to a sinful, dying world.
  • To fear God in a proper Biblical sense.
  • To worship God in Spirit... with right hearts.
  • To worship God in Truth... focusing on the exposition of Scripture.
  • To teach our children to worship God as families by attending the worship service as soon as they are able.

These are some of the reasons we exist as a church.

The question is:
Are these what you would consider
priorities in your Christian life?

If so... then please visit us at GBC.

We are a church that is building, we are small and our
current facilites are located in a store-front.

However, we have what matters most to God and to His people!
So we invite you to make the effort to come and see.
As we say: "Bring your Bible and your Brain!"

You can learn more about what GBC stands for by visiting the sections
of this web site, particularly those dealing with doctrine and worship.

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